Blacksmithing: The creation of an 11-12th century Norman helmet

At the start of the fall semester I began a continuing education class at the New York School of Visual Arts Advanced Metalworking. The goal for taking this class is to construct a 11-12th century Norman helmet for use in full contact western martial arts in the SCA. I am beginning this post over a month into the class as much of the initial class time was spent honing skills and techniques needed for smithing.

Faking the funk: "Stub" authentication in a Rails Rspec Story

Last week a ran into a bit of an issue trying to write Rspec Stories for the app I am working on. The app in question depends on a remote service based authentication system. Creating “test” users on a remote user authentication service already running as production for other apps was not really an option. Getting around this proved to be problematic as Rspec Stories entire point is to test the “full stack”.

VIM is good for your health!

Update 06/2019: 11 years ago I may have really disliked Visual Studio, but ironically I now consider it one of the best IDEs on the market. Having since done significant amounts of C# development (with the VIM plugin of course) I now really appreciate how well made it is.