Jarrod & Kelly

Celebrated their marriage with small ceremony

May 26th, 2013 in Central Park, NYC

The Story Of Us


Kelly Buchanan

Kelly was born in Norfolk, Virginia and raised in Pensacola, Florida (also known as the suburb of Pace.) She's the youngest of 3, a military brat, and the child of early digital age. Always an extrovert, Kelly worked through school to get into an industry that she would thrive in, and landed in Digital Advertising. This perfect match between her interests and her aptitude landed her in the arms of Jarrod Spillers, a software developer at her first Agency position.


Jarrod Spillers

Jarrod was born and raised in Palatka, Florida, just south of Jacksonville. He's an only child, a hardcore gamer, and lover of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Jarrod took a few years off in his college years to hone his interests and have some fun - then fell in love with Digital Media and Software Development. This love of software, gaming, and technology lead him to Kelly Buchanan at his first Agency position.

Their story begins in Orlando, Florida at MindComet Corporation - an Ad Agency that they both joined shortly after graduating from the University of Central Florida. Jarrod and Kelly worked together on a project, and knew immediately that something was going to happen. After 6 months of chasing each other, they finally committed to being in a relationship only for Kelly to get laid off from her job a few months afterwards. With dreams of moving to New York and a job offer to boot, Kelly takes off for New York City in hopes that their love will remain alive. Another 6 months later, Jarrod joins her in New York to continue their lives together in love. 7 years of dating and living together in the 'Big Apple' lead to a spontaneous elopement in Central Park on Cherry Hill on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Neither of them knew they could be so lucky to share their special day with those they consider their New York Family.

Special Thank you to our Parents:

Angelita & Carlton Buchanan, Sharon & John Spillers

Jarrod and Kelly wish to send a very special 'Thank You' to their parents that have supported their union from Day 1. Your love, support, and guidance have been key to our relationships success. We love you very much, and are thankful for you every day.


Perfectly aligned with their nontraditional wedding, Kelly and Jarrod also did an nontraditional wedding registry. Since they're moving to Singapore and are shipping a majority of our stuff overseas, if you'd like to contribute to our eventual honeymoon in Bali - they've collected a list of things they'd love to do there for you to sponsor.

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Keep up with Jarrod and Kelly on Facebook, where our updated contact info will be shared once they're in Singapore. Should you need to share or send anything, here are our contact details:

Kelly Buchanan Spillers


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